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Participatory Medicine

Today’s blog post features Dr. Marc Katz, chief medical officer of the Bon Secours Heart & Vascular Institute. For hundreds of years, the physician-patient relationship was one of the physician as the authoritative, sometimes dictatorial healer, the unquestioned expert on care, protocols and medical regimens. The patient assumed the role of a passive receiver of information, taking … Read More

National Catholic Sisters Week

  This week, March 8-14, we celebrate National Catholic Sisters Week. As the first of its kind and part of Women’s History Month, this week honors Catholic sisters who have served faithfully as an integral part of American history. At Bon Secours our story begins with our Sisters, when in 1824 a group of 12 women … Read More

Heart Healthy Holidays

Many Americans look at the holidays as a time to indulge, but at the Bon Secours Heart & Vascular Institute, we believe there are heart healthy ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Valentine’s Day is full of hearts, so do what you can to keep yours healthy. – Instead of going out … Read More