good help is me…


At Bon Secours good help happens every day.

This was the inspiration behind our  “Good Help” campaign, which launched in October of 2012.  It’s goal is to capture and showcase personal stories from doctors, nurses, patients and families for whom “good help” has its own unique meaning.

But more recently, we launched an internal part to our campaign, asking Bon Seocurs’ employees to share what ‘good help’ means to them and what keeps them coming back to work everyday.  Our employees are the mortar that forms the foundation and drives the success of our ministry, transforming it into a place of innovation, healing, compassion, and inspiration, and a nationally-recognized health system of excellence.  It is where our ‘good help’ truly begins, and this is what they had to say…

Thank you to all of our employees who commit so much to the mission and vision of Bon Secours!


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