Hero Health Hire

Bon Secours Health System announced last week that it has joined Hero Health Hire, a coalition of companies and other entities in the health care industry that are united with the goal of employing wounded warriors and veterans. Launched in Washington, D.C., at a 2011 industry summit that included the U.S. Secretary of Labor, members of Congress, and representatives of a number of government agencies and the military, Hero Health Hire includes companies, associations, and hospitals from across the spectrum of health care that collectively employ hundreds of thousands of employees. Each has committed to working to help veterans find and retain jobs in health care.

“Bon Secours Health System is pleased to be a part of Hero Health Hire,” said Rich Statuto, chief executive office, Bon Secours Health System. “We are always looking for qualified, talented candidates to join our growing health care ministry and we are prepared to support veterans as they transition into our workplaces.”

Each month, tens of thousands of “wounded warriors” – brave men and women in our military who have been injured or become ill during service – transition out of the military, only to struggle in the civilian workforce. For many, they may be interviewing for a job or writing a resume for the first time, unsure of how military skills and experiences might translate or what accommodations may be needed for transition to a civilian workplace.

The health care industry – including insurers, health plans, pharmacy and specialty benefit management companies, healthcare transportation companies and hospital systems – is considered the fastest growing industry in our economy, requiring talented individuals to help meet multi-generational health care needs. The industry is also uniquely positioned to understand and support the unique needs of our nation’s veterans and the “wounded warriors” who return home to face physical and mental health challenges.

Hero Health Hire unites the health care industry with government agencies and the military to understand and eliminate the barriers to employment facing wounded warriors, as well as developing ways to the support them in their transition. Since its inception, Hero Health Hire has recruited additional industry partners representing more than 750,000 employees with worksites in every U.S. state.

As a health system, we are very excited to take part in this initiative to further provide for those who have served our country!

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